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Game Review – Apollo Power

How the Apollo Power Slot Game Brings a New Charm to Gambling

Ancient Greek mythology fascinates many people. They would have them as posters, mobile wallpapers, and even computer themes. So, why not use them in a slot game as well? That’s what Playtech aimed at, and their decision was a game-changer. Apollo Power Slot Game is one of the most thrilling slot games you will ever come across. As the name suggests, the lead role of this game goes to Apollo. He is the best-paying symbol in the game, but if you manage to get two wild symbols, you may earn more than you expect.

Unmatched gameplay

Apart from Apollo, which is the winning symbol here, there are several other regular signs that you should know. Bow, harp, Ring, four royals, wreath, and sword represent regular symbols. They have a considerably lower earning capability than Apollo. This game has fifty active lines and six reels. Unlike other slot games that have nine reels, this one has a lower volatility rate. So, it means you have a better chance to win more games here.

Apart from the progressive jackpots, you can also win a massive grand prize of 1000x of your wager. That is a huge bonus that most gamblers would like to earn. The game doesn’t disappoint when it comes to giving you opportunities to win. There are two wilds versions, and the Apollo Power Resigns that can help you win big.

Bonus and prizes

Players can set their bets for a 50-line game. The best thing is, you can start betting with only $0.25 for every round. But, on the flip side, if you win the games, you can earn almost $500 per spin. However, you may need to spend $10 on each line for that. This game is for everyone. From new players trying to find their feet in gambling to veteran punters, once you learn the game, you can win your way to the top.

Those who tend to use their Respins can earn a lot if they have wilds on their reels. These wilds can help to earn the best rewards; some of them may even amount to 1000x of your wager. So, you have the chance to win almost $500,000 from a single round. This game has a 96.47% RTP, which means the opportunities to win are more than other slot games around.

Apollo Power Design

When you have a high RTP, incredible Ancient Greek mythological characters, and beneficial bonuses throughout the game, it is hard to speak anything negative about it. Playtech has absolutely nailed this game. Both the desktop and mobile versions are well-balanced. So, you will have the same experience once you put the headphones on. Just make sure you don’t go betting too much upfront if you are a new player.

Final verdict

The Apollo Power Slot Game is one that can make you reach overnight. But, you should start by betting the minimum amount you can afford. Once you win your first game, you will want to play more. So, register now and start winning. Check out the Apollo Power slot at BGO.