Best RTP Online Slots UK

All online slots players want to know what the best return to player (RTP) slot games. All slot games have various different RTP’s. Our main coverage will be making sure players understand what RTP and volatility are as well as how it affects the slot games we recommend. We will make sure that players know what are the best RTP online slots in the UK. Also, check our guide on how to win at online slots.

Experienced slot players will find RTP to be a very important factor in the games which the select. Maybe you don’t consider yourself an experienced slot player. You may possibly not want to become an experienced slot player but even casual slot users should understand the best chances of filling their pockets. Try some of our recommended slot sites with high RTP options.

What is RTP for Online Slots?

When you see or hear people refer to RTP it is the shortened version of Return to Player. For players who do not know what “house edge” is, it is the percentage chance a casino game has of winning. All casino games favour the casino winning but games like blackjack have a small house edge that increases the players chance of winning.

RTP is essentially a reverse version of “house edge”. If a slot game has an RTP of 97% then the effective “house edge” would be 3%. If you calculate it then in theory a player should win 97% of their wager back. The main word to focus on from the last sentence is “theory”. Otherwise, for every £100 you wager you would get £97 back. It would make gambling pointless if this was the case.

When slots are developed the are built with a Pseudo Random Number Generator. It ensures that there is no way to rig any spins. The generator keeps the spins random but it is not truly random. Their is a code build into the randomness that will ensure house edge over infinite spins.

You can win big or lose on slots over 10 or 10,000 spins. RTP will only affect winning on slots when it comes to infinite spins.

What is Slot Volatility?

Volatility is also known as dispersion or variance. It refers to how much risk is included in playing slot games. When it refers to slots, it is an indicator to let players know how often they can expect certain slots to payout. As well as, how big they can expect that payout will be.

A slot with low volatility will award players with frequent wins for low to mid-sized amounts, while a slot with high volatility will provide players with much larger wins at a more irregular pace. Since the higher the volatility of a slot the less frequent it will payout, high volatility slots are considered more risky options for players, as they can find themselves investing large portions of their balance looking for that one massive win.

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