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Triple Your Winnings With The 3 Wheel Roulette

Gambling is all about risks and every player wants to win, and when there is a game where the chance of winning is three times more than others, it is sure to become a huge hit! 3 Wheel Roulette is an exciting game in which the starting bet is from 10p to £5. The main of this game is to bet on the number on which the ball will land and since this game features not one but three wheels, your chances of winning are three times more! So place your bets and triple your fortunes by playing this amazingly unique and entertaining game!

Play To Win On The Double Bonus Spin Roulette Game

Adding a new twist to the gameplay of traditional roulette is the game called Double Bonus Spin Roulette. A highly engaging game, The Double Bonus Spin Roulette consists of a wheel that has an extra pocket, which is slightly bigger than the other numbered ones. If a player’s ball lands on this pocket, he gets an extra spin and the chance to multiply his winnings 12 times! If the ball lands on the extra pocket, all the bets remain valid and the wheel is spun again. So if you are a risk taker, this is the perfect game for you!

Triple Your Excitement and Winnings With The Triple Bonus Spin Roulette

Roulette is one of the top games in the world of gambling and when you add an exciting twist to a classic game, it becomes even more popular. This is exactly what The Triple Bonus Spin Roulette is all about! In this game, the spinning wheel has an additional slot and if the ball lands on this slot, the player gets three free spins. This slot is not only three times wider than a usual slot but it also ensures that the player’s earnings increase threefold, a feature that is impossible to say no to!

Roulette: The Classic Way To Win!

The game of Roulette, be it American or European has a certain charm and unique excitement attached to it. It is not just a game of luck but it involves some strategy and quick thinking as well. Roulette has a Return to Player rate of 98.65%, which is pretty impressive in the gambling arena. Players can make sure they win big bucks by placing smart bets like Corner Bet, Street Bet, 6 Line Bet, Split Bet and Straight Up. Make sure you acquaint yourself with all the rules before betting on any money.

Stake £10 – Get 200 FREE SPINS! No code necessary
New Casino customers only. £/€10 min transfer & stake on Casino slots within 7 days. Max bonus 200 Free Spins on selected games. Free Spins expire after 7 days. iOS app restrictions may apply. E-Wallet & Pre-Paid card restrictions apply. SMS validation may apply. Not available in NI. Full T&Cs apply.
Stake £10 and get 50 Free Spins No Code Necessary
Deposit and stake £10 on eligible Casino games to get 50 Free Spins. Time limits, game restrictions and T&Cs apply
Deposit £20 and play with £50! Opt in when depositing
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100% to £100 + 100 FREE SPINS! No Code Necessary
New players only. Min deposit £20, Max bonus £100. 40x WR, MCA £250 100 Free Spins – 10 batches of 10 Free Spins Daily – No WR – Max Win £10 per batch

It Doesn’t Get Bigger Than The Roulette With Hot Streak Bonus!

A game in which a player can turn £10 into £250000 has to be made in heaven! And this God sent game is called The Roulette with Hot Streak Bonus. As the name suggests, this game rewards the player with the longest winning streak in a game of European style roulette. The longer the streak lasts, the higher the winnings. It is a truly exciting game, a dream for risk takers and gambling enthusiasts alike. So if you want your money to multiply crazily, just roll the dice and pray for a blazingly hot streak!

21 + 3 Blackjack: The Coolest Combo!

To keep the world of gambling interesting and innovative, a new game has been introduced, a game that combines the two most awesome games, namely Blackjack and 3 Card Poker. So now you can not only enjoy the suspense of blackjack but also apply the skills of 3 Card Poker and win unbelievably high jackpots! The rules of the game remain the same; players need to get a total of 21 but now they can also place a side bet that will allow them to win up to 100X, which is responsible for the game’s high RTP rate of 99.70%.

Play Smart, Play Big, Play Blackjack

When a game has a Return to Player rate of 99.70%, it is not surprising that it is one of the most popular games in casinos all around the world. Blackjack, the legendary game of odds and evens, a game that not only relies on lady luck’s blessings but also on the rate at which a player can think and change his fortunes. A classic casino game, Blackjack has all the elements that make a game exciting, thrilling and challenging. In fact, whether you are an amateur gambler or a seasoned player, this game is equally exciting for every player!

Super Hot Blackjack!

Add a zany touch to the usual game of Blackjack and play the exciting game of Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus. This game has a highly impressive rate of 99.81% and offers unlimited thrill and excitement to the players. It involves the usage of six decks of cards and the betting range begins from £1 and goes up to £1000. The Hot Streak Bonus aspect of the game deals with a side bet that can enable you to multiply your winnings manifold. So players must get the magical number 21 as well as keep an eye out for a winning chance in the side wager.

Try Out The Unique Multi-Hand Blackjack!

The game of Blackjack has many interesting variations and one of the most challenging one is the Multi-Hand Blackjack game. In this game, not one but five hands are dealt at one time which takes the stakes much higher and the winnings much bigger. Multi-Hand Blackjack has a Return to Player rate of 99.53%. It can be played in various styles like the European Blackjack, Vegas Style, and Atlantic City Blackjack etc. Each style of playing is as innovative and entertaining as the other and players will have lots of high stake fun playing this awesome game and win great jackpots.

Exciting Multi-Hand Blackjack With 1000X Bonus

Blackjack is entertaining in any form and kind and now players can win bonus prizes up to 1000X in the new Multi-Hand Blackjack with 1000X bonus. In this game, players can play three hands in one go and place a side bet simultaneously. This form of gameplay gives a Return to Player rate of 99.53% that ensures great chances of winning. Players must keep an eye out for the bonus bet as it is awarded in many forms; you can win anything from 100X to 1000X. So spice up your blackjack skills and get ready to win mind blowing amounts of money!

Deposit £10 – get 50 FREE SPINS No Code Necessary
50 Free Spins on first deposit. No wagering requirements on Free Spins. Fair play rules apply.
100 FREE SPINS + £200 Welcome Package No Code Necessary
18+. New customers only. Free spins and bonus cash based on multiple qualifying deposits. Additional terms and restrictions apply.

Win Big At The Power Blackjack

Blackjack is a thrilling game of the mind with a hefty dose of luck involved. And when this challenging game is provided with an extra powerful feature, it just becomes a whole lot better! Power Blackjack is an extension of the usual blackjack with a Return to Player rate of 99.77%. In this game, players can take their bets up a notch by indulging in moves like Power Splitting and Power Doubling. Moves like these can help a player win huge amounts of money and also control the gameplay to a certain extent. All in all, it is a truly mind blowing game that should be played by one and all.

High Stakes, High Money: Vegas Blackjack With 20+ Bonus

Enjoy the game of Blackjack with an added dose of suspense and thrill. Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus is a new and improved version of the game that incorporates six decks of playing cards that are shuffled for each hand of play. This game has a Return to Player rate of 99.80% and it involves a bonus which pays on the initial two card hands. It is a truly innovative game that gets both novices and experts in a tizzy and gives great results as well. Every blackjack enthusiast must try out Vegas Blackjack with 20 + Bonus in order to multiply their fortunes!

Roll Your Luck With Baccarat

If you love a high stake game, then you must play the most exciting casino game of all, Baccarat. The betting range starts at £10 and as the stakes get higher, the tension builds up. Baccarat is a fast paced game which the added advantage that a player can even act as a dealer in this game. In fact, this game offers something called a Tie Hand Bet, winning which can reap great benefits. There are several ways in which this game can be played depending on the style and preferences of the players. Baccarat has a Return to Player rate of 98.99%.

Spice It Up With Caribbean Stud Poker

Who doesn’t love a game of poker every now and then? And when a Caribbean touch is added to good old poker, it just becomes absolutely irresistible. The unique thing about Caribbean Stud Poker is that it is a game which is played against the house and not against other opponents. It is a perfect format for newbies and poker lovers looking for a new twist. This entertaining game offers a Return to Player rate of 97.64% and it also provides lots of fun and monetary benefits, making it a totally awesome package! So don’t waste any more time and get busy with Caribbean Stud Poker!

Play The Simulating Game Of Craps

If you love high stake games, then you must definitely try the game of Craps. It is played by rolling two dices and the players are expected to predict the number to be rolled. The game of Craps has an impressive Return to Player rate of 99.66% and it offers great returns and unbelievable jackpots. What makes this game even more engaging is the high number of bets that can placed by players and the various tactics that can be applied in a single game. So give your grey cells some exercise and indulge in the multi-faceted game of Craps!

Three Card Poker: A Game Of Fun And Excitement

Three Card Poker is a super cool table game that is a combination of two games intermingled in one! It has a Return to Player rate of 97.99% and it primarily involves a deck of 52 cards that are divided into three betting circles. There are different ways to play this game; the first is the Play/Ante game where the player with the highest hand wins. Then there is the Pair Plus game which involves a wager regarding the nature of the cards you are dealt with. All in all, it is a totally exciting game that can be played with both friends and family or at a glittering casino.

Enjoy Texas Hold’em Bonus!

Texas Hold’em Poker is a widely famous game that is played in casinos all across the globe. The cyber version of this exciting poker game is called Texas Hold’em Bonus that is as amazing as its real world version. Texas Hold’em Bonus has a Return to Player rate of 99.47% that is quite great seeing the high amount of stakes involved. Also, players have the option to choose whether they wish to play against the house, the dealer or the other players. So overall, it is definitely a game worth giving a shot owing to its popularity and high entertainment value.

100 Free Spins + £200 Welcome Package
18+. New customers only. Bonuses offered over multiple deposits. Additional terms apply.
10 Free Spins – No Deposit Required! N/A
New customers only. Max cashout and stake limits may apply.

Indulge in Thrill With The Texas Hold’em Shootout Game

Another variation of the eternally popular Texas Hold’em Poker game is the the Texas Hold’em Shootout, an exciting game with a Return to Player rate of 99.00%. This game is ideal for both amateurs and experts as players can choose the level of gameplay they want and they can even play for free. For seasoned gamblers, this game has the exciting option of an All In bet in which the player stands to gain a bonus of up to 8X. So if you need to polish your poker skills or win grand jackpots, Texas Hold’em Shootout is the right game for you!

Wan Doy Pairs Poker: The Cool Way To Play Poker!

Wan Doy Pairs Poker is a new and exciting twist to the traditional game of poker. This game is played against the dealer and it is basically a seven card game. Wan Doy Pairs Poker has a Return to Player rate of 98.06% and it is one of the easiest games in the world of gambling. Players stand the chance of winning jackpots up to 100X their bet. Also, players who are feeling extra lucky can place side bets that will make them win 10000X their original bet! Wan Doy Pairs Poker is played with a single deck of cards and is quite an enjoyable game!