The Top 5 Casino Table Games

Live Baccarat

Casino table games are so much fun. Even in the modern era where thousands play slots, the top 5 casino table games stand out because of their popularity. They require concentration, strategy, calculation, and also luck. With most online casinos offering these games on their sites, you can win big if you play the right cards or throw the right combination. So, let’s take a look at some of the top 5 casino table games.

1. Online Blackjack

As the gamblers say, blackjack is one of the easiest table games. It offers players the best odds of winning. Fortunately, there are lots of websites that allow you to play online blackjack. The best part about online blackjack is you don’t play against an online robot or an expert gambler that won’t let you win. You always play against a dealer.

The objective here is to beat that dealer to win big. The only way you can do that is to get cards whose sum is close to 21, but not more. While you shouldn’t go over 21, you need to outscore the dealer or at least bust him. Number cards have their respective values except for an ace. You can consider ace as 1 or 11. If 11 takes your overall value to more than 21, you should consider it as 1; else, you can count it as 11.

The net value of one hand is the sum total of the value of the other cards. The one with the highest hand is the blackjack. This hand will have any card with more than a value of 10 and an ace card.

2. Online Roulette

This is another table game where you can win big. The rules are easy enough even for a starter to understand. Some of the online roulette tables follow the American rule while some follow the European rule. For the American table, you will get a roulette wheel with 38 number slots. The numbers go from 1 through 36, and there are two additional numbers, 0 and 00. On the other hand, the European table will have the same format, except there is one 0 slot.

Online roulette is more like spin the wheel game. But, there’s a difference. You need to choose the number or select number groupings that you think the ball will stop at. For example, if you select a red number and the ball stops at the respective red slot, you will win 1 to 1. That means you win your bet and also earn the same amount as a bonus.

However, if you bet on a specific number and the ball rolls and settles on that number, you win 35 to 1. That is almost similar to hitting the jackpot.

3. Online Poker

Gambling and poker go hand in hand. Almost every gambler will say they have had their experience in this game. It is massively popular in the online gambling industry. Online poker allows you to have a slight influence on the final outcome of your hand. You need to select your ante bet and deal three cards. The dealer will also follow the same thing. After checking your cards, you need to decide whether to match your ante bet or fold.

The simple rules of online poker make it more interesting. If your hand is better than your dealer’s hand, you win evens. That means your earnings are 1 to 1. But, if the dealer doesn’t have Queen-high or anything better, then the honor goes to the ante and the bet returns to the punter.

4. Online Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the traditional and oldest top 5 casino table games in the casino industry. Fortunately, most websites have online baccarat because of its popularity. The bettor has three wager options in online baccarat: a tie, the player’s hands, or the banker’s hand. The player and the banker are basically two hands in each game. The rules of baccarat are quite similar to that of blackjack.

Unlike blackjack where you need to get closer to 21, in baccarat, you need to get a closer value to 9. Each number card will have their respective values. Ace here means one point while kings, queens, jacks, and 10s have 0 value.

In this game, the dealer will give you two cards. For example, if you get 3 and 5, the value of your hand is 8. But, if you get 6 and 8, the value will be 14. In that case, you will have to drop the digit on the left. So, the value of your hand now becomes 4.

5. Online craps

Online craps are slightly more complicated than the other table games. You get tons of options in this game, but fortunately, the odds to win are more. You need to roll a pair of dice on the Craps table. Some of the online craps tables look exactly like the real ones in regular casinos. The player rolling the dice is called shooter. Different players will play on the same table and place their bets. The one who can predict the shooter’s dice rolls will win the bet.

You can place your bets on PASS or DON’T PASS depending on your come-out. Come-out is the first roll of any crap game. If you place your bet on the PASS line, the dice needs to have a come-out total of either 7 or 11. On the other hand, if the shooter rolls out 2, 3, or 12, it’s craps. The bettors on the PASS line will lose that game.

On the flip side, you can also bet on the DON’T PASS line. In this case, you will win if the shooter rolls out 2, or 3. If he/she gets a 7 or 11, the PASS line bettors win the game. The only time there’s a no result is when the shooter rolls a 12.

Online casino games are fascinating, especially the top 5 casino table games. Once you start dealing those cards or rolling those dices, you will feel like playing for hours without stopping.