Online Scratch Cards 2020

UK scratch cards are now being sold online making it an easier way to play the lottery. Since the pandemic has caused a lot of physical lottery stores to close, those who love scratch cards will find solace in its online version. While the concept of scratch cards isn’t new to everyone, there are slight differences in the medium. Here, you’ll find out about online scratch cards from the how-tos to the different types.

What Are Online Scratch Cards?

Online scratch cards are exactly like your physical scratch cards except that they’re done on online casinos or platforms. Instead of having a card to hold and a coin to scratch it with, you have a virtual card where you can click buttons to “scratch”. You’re practically just clicking the buttons to scratch each one to see if you win a prize.

For obvious reasons, casino scratch cards are faster to use since clicking is faster than scratching with a coin. You also have a “scratch all” option so the buttons are clicked all at once. If you’re the type of person who wants to know their winnings or losses right away, that select all button is going to be for you.

Today, mobile scratch cards are also adding features to their games. Some online casinos have mini-games and different themes to make it more interesting for their players.

Types of Scratch Cards

When you talk about the types of scratch cards, you’re referring to the means of playing with them. This means that you’re asking if it’s downloaded or played on-site. Fortunately, there are only 2 types of scratch cards and here they are:

  1. Web-based Scratch Cards

Taken from its name, web-based scratch cards are scratch cards that you play directly on the online platform through your web browser. These cards are available virtually on the site and you can scratch them on the same medium. While the cards themselves are not downloadable, you do need to download Flash to be able to see the card. Flash is a software that allows plug-ins to work on websites.

Web-based scratch cards work by having Flash run in the background while you access the platform. Once you get into the specific scratch card game you want to join, the card will appear together with the actions that you can perform. If you don’t have Flash automatically running, then you need to activate it or install it.

  1. Download-based Scratch Cards

Unlike the web-based scratch cards, download-based scratch cards require different software for them to be played. Think of it as downloading an app onto your computer. Once you download the app, you can play directly on it without the need for a browser. The app connects you to the actual gaming site and you can get your scratch card from there. 

How Do Online Scratch Cards Work?

If you have prior experience in playing scratch cards physically, then you don’t need to know much about online scratch cards. They’re the same except for the fact that you don’t have the physical cards. However, if online scratch cards are all new to you, then you’ll find it equally easy to understand.

Online scratch cards work by giving a player a card that contains a combination of prizes and losses disguised as no winnings or just a version of a “try again”. A certain combination of prizes awards you with cash. These prize combinations vary per scratch card company. The goal of this is to get the highest winning combination by scratching the card. There are also scratch cards that require you to reach goals, say, a number of the same item. These are called ‘missions’. When you complete a mission, you win a prize.

Scratch cards are categorized by variance – low variance and high variance. On one hand, low variance refers to a card that has a higher chance of winning but has lower cash prices. On the other hand, the high variance has lower chances of winning but has higher cash prizes.

Best Scratch Card Offers with Online Casinos

Everybody loves a free scratch card. If you’re looking for the best online casinos that offer scratch card bonuses, then you’re in the right place. Here are the top 5 online casinos to play in for the best scratch card offers.

  1. Casimba

Casimba is a popular UK casino that offers a lot of bonuses and free spins. Most of its scratch card offers are given to new players with only a minimum of €20 initial deposit. Their maximum bonus is also pretty generous since you can get up to €500 to be used on scratch cards.

  1. STS

Another popular online casino is STS. Known for its high maximum bonus of up to €300, new members of the casino can enjoy many scratch cards here.

  1. 888Casino

Aside from having traditional and new scratch card games, 888Casino prides itself with a welcome bonus to new members. All you need is to deposit a minimum of €5 and you will get up to €500 bonus. New players can also get a guaranteed €88 free play.

  1. BetVictor

BetVictor has a more unique promotion. Rather than the usual 100% welcome bonus, players get a multiplier of their deposit for a 60x wagering amount.

  1. BetWay

BetWay gives a 100% deposit bonus up to €250 to its new members. The only catch here is that you have to use it within 7 days.


Scratch cards are fun and quick games that you can play online. They’re fast and simple which is great for people who don’t like complicated rules. While the game itself is based on luck, a higher variance card can also yield high rewards. Knowing the best casino that offers great rewards on scratch cards will also increase your chances of winning. Casinos like STS, Casimba, and 888Casino are great casinos to choose from in 2020.


  • How do I get scratch cards?

You can get online scratch cards at any online casino offering the game. Usually, online casinos have a separate panel for it. You just go there and pick the kind of scratch card game that you want and then you’ll be given a virtual scratch card.

  • What casinos give free scratch cards on registration?

Most UK online casinos give bonus scratch cards whenever you register as a new member. Some of the best casinos that give free scratch cards are 888Casino, Casimba, and STS. If these online casinos are not your cup of tea, you can check out your preferred casino and look for scratch card promotions available there.

  • What are the best scratch cards offers?

The best scratch cards offerings are those that give you a 100% bonus on your initial deposit. For example, you deposit an amount of €20 for scratch cards and you get a bonus of another €20 worth of scratch cards. Apart from that, max bonuses should also be a consideration. Is the max bonus only up to €100 or higher? The higher the max bonus you get the more scratch cards you can play.