Slot Bonuses 2020 for Casinos

Slots are one of the most exciting games available at online casinos. They’re colourful and relatively generous which makes them even more appealing to UK players. Part of their marketing strategy is slot bonuses. Slot bonuses vary from slot to slot but their goal is the same – to make the person play more with their money. If you want to know how a casino slot bonus works, read this post for more information regarding slot bonuses 2020.

What Are Slot Bonuses for Casinos?

A slot bonus is a bonus you get whenever you play the slots. It usually comes in varying forms, depending on the live casino slot that you’re playing. It’s meant to make you play longer; hence, shelling out more money of your own. However, these slot bonuses can be used to increase the odds of winning bigger prizes, or just more prizes in general.

Nowadays, slot bonuses are no longer limited to free spins. They can be bonuses in terms of increasing the chances of matching the winning combinations or holding the other reels that are already matched while you spin for the remaining non-matching reels. As more and more online slot machines become available, the mobile slot bonus diversifies.

Types of Slot Bonuses 2020

A UK slot bonus can come in different types. In fact, there are so many possible slot bonuses that it’s going to be a long list if they’re all here. Nonetheless, there are common slot bonus types that you will often see on slots. Here are five of the most common bonuses. 

Free Spins

A free spin is probably the best slot bonus simply because it allows people to pay for free. It means what it says – free spins. You can get free spins by matching the ‘free spin’ icons either horizontally, diagonally, or in whatever direction that the slot allows. This is one of the most used slot bonuses in 2020.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a bonus you get whenever you deposit a specific amount. This is often reserved for new players and can only be claimed once per account. A deposit bonus will require you a minimum deposit and you get a 100% bonus from most online casinos. This type of bonus also has a validity date that ranges from 7 to 14 days.

Cashable Bonus

Another exciting bonus is cashable. It’s a bonus wherein you can withdraw the money once you reach a certain waging requirement. This cashable bonus applies to other casino games apart from the slots. It’s enticing because you can get free money once you meet the terms and conditions, but beware, you need to place a large wager in return.

Bonus Multiplier

Specific to slot machines, a bonus multiplier multiplies the actual winning you get. If you bet €5, then a multiplier of 2 can double your winnings provided, of course, that you still match the required combinations.

Symbol Multiplier

Similar to how a bonus multiplier works, a symbol multiplier increases your chances of getting matching symbols. In some slots, it holds the other reels in place so you only have 1-4 reels to move. Having a few reels on hold will increase the chances of you getting a winning combination.

Best Slot Bonuses 2020 with Online Casinos

Looking for the best UK online casinos that have the best slot machine promotions? Here are the top offerings for 2020 that you’ll find very helpful.

Genesis Casino

One of the best slot machine bonuses you’ll find is Genesis Casino’s promotion. For its new members, it gives a total of 300 free spins on the first 10 days upon signing up. That’s on top of the welcome bonus of 100% for a maximum of €100. Aside from getting 300 spins, their technique of having the spins given for 9 days makes it even more exciting for players to keep going back to their site.


Exclusive to UK players, bgo is giving a chance to win 500 free spins on their first deposit. You can win up to 500 spins on their Mega Wheel slot which is valid only for 24 hours. Even if the time is too short for you to avail of the promo, it’s still a big bonus where you can prolong playing time. In terms of slot bonuses 2020, winning 500 free spins is one of the best.

Play Ojo

Play Ojo allows you to get free spins in three different games specifically Rich Wilde, Book of Dead, and Kicker Section. If you play Rich Wilde and Book of Dead, you get 1 free spin for up to 50 bonus spins. You’re also awarded an additional 30 spins when you play the Kicker Section.


While you get lesser bonus spins than other casinos, Casimba makes its bonus more appealing by allowing you to get up to a maximum of €500 bonus. This bonus is only available to newcomers with just a minimum deposit of €20. To take advantages of these bonuses, you have to sign up and use all the bonuses given within 3 days. There are also selected slot machines to claim them so make sure you look for the right slot, too.

How Do Slot Bonuses Work Across Different Games?

Slot bonuses work in one or two ways – they either give you more rounds to play or they give you higher odds of getting a winning combination. Both can exist together, and this is often the case across different slot machine games.

Different games can give you a free spin based on your bet or there are already set free spins that the machine can give. As for multipliers, they work by matching the multiplier icons horizontally, adjacently, or depending on the slot machine rules.

While bonuses work the same way in different games, they are portrayed differently using the icons that match the slot machine’s theme and colour.


Slot bonuses 2020 come in different types and it’s up to the player to decide which offer best suits them. Since slot machines are usually based on luck, players often prefer getting the free spins bonus and multipliers just so they can increase their chances of winning without putting an additional bet. But while these games bonuses can be very encouraging, always know that slot machines can also wipe out your money right away even if you have these bonuses.


  • What are slot bonuses?

Slot bonuses are bonuses that give you a longer playing time through free spins or more chances of getting a matching combination. They vary a lot between slots and they can also be used on top of each other in a single round.

  • How do I get slot bonuses?

Slot bonuses are awarded when you reach a certain wagering amount or when you get the specified combinations on the slot machine.

  • What casinos give free slot bonuses on registration?

Casinos like Casimba, bgo, Play Ojo, and Genesis Casino give a lot of free spins for new members.

  • What are the best slot bonus offers?

The best slot bonus offers involve having free spins with a small wager. Free spins are the best since you can play for free wherein you can get a winning combination using a free spin.